How much is delivery?

We offer free uk (mainland) delivery. All of our prices are inclusive of VAT (where appropriate)

We offer free delivery to much of the UK, unfortunately certain parts of the UK incur significant surcharges. We currently ship free of charge to zones A and B only. Orders from other Zones will be cancelled and the money returned promptly

Pure Gold Pet Food understands that it is not always possible to be at home to receive deliveries. We can organise for the couriers to leave the goods at a location of your choice, however it must be understood that this is entirely at the customers risk and Pure Gold Pet Food accept no responsibility for any goods being lost or stolen.


Do I need a PayPal account to place an order?

No you don't need an account. You will be redirected to the PayPal website and they will take the payment directly from your credit or debit card. 
Paypal is a both safe and secure method of payment.


What is hypo-allergenic pet food and what are the benefits?

"Hypo-allergenic" means a reduced risk of food intolerance or food allergies. The hypoallergenic dog food and pet food remains as natural as possible thus minimizing the risk of upsetting the dogs digestive system.

If you think your dog is suffering from an allergy or food intolerance please take them to a vet or specialist for advice. Signs of allergies or intolerance for a dog include signs such as bloated tummy, itchy or sore skin, wind, chewing paws etc. By changing your dog's food to a hypo-allergenic food we would hope it would reduce your dog's discomfort and problems.


Why is wheat gluten free food better for my animal?

Many pets have food intolerances and this is usually found in wheat gluten and dairy products. Animals often have bloated or upset stomachs along with itchy coat and or loose or frequent stools. It is better and important to give our pets food they can easily digest


Do I need to add anything to the food?

No, the food is a complete meal,  please make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water at all times. If your pet prefers their food a little softer, you can add warm water to soften it. This also applies to the puppy food for weaning (make a porridge).


Can dog food that is high in additives affect a dog's behaviour?

Foods with additives can make some pets’ behaviour hyperactive. Additive free foods like ours may help calm your dog's behaviour.


How much food should I give to my dog?

please refer to the feeding guide page. But please note these are guidelines only and every dog is different depending on activity level, age and breed. Use the notes for guidance, and for example if your dog loses weight on the amount shown increase the feed, and the same the other way around, if puts on too much weight, decrease.